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Pies in the sky

Here’s my list of short-term goals.  Because my long term goal is to someday be a computer scientist.  Or a millionaire-astronaut-cowgirl.  And both of those goals are just too vague.  Short-term goals = attainable.  Although it should be noted that some items in this list can probably be classified as ‘medium’ or even ‘long-ish’ term goals.

  • customize Emacs for Python (done, to some extent)
  • write Python code to solve my sound speed issues (will probably never be complete)
  • get Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib installed (done) and working for me (partially done)
  • Read Learning Python 4th edition (that’s no small feat – over 1000 pages of Python goodness)
  • Bike 100 miles in one day
  • Visit the Philippines
  • Run a marathon
  • Research underwater volcanoes
  • Publish a paper in a scientific journal
  • Read an S7K multibeam sonar file using Python
  • Learn to make Python GUI’s that I could give to other people (for example, ray trace showing effect of sound speed on bathymetry)
  • Write my own bottom detection algorithm
  • Learn R
  • Write my own Kalman filter (Val – I’ll be coming to you for help with this!)
  • Learn to play guitar
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  1. May 1, 2012 2:14 pm

    “Learning to play guitar” has been in my list for about 8 years, and it never got seriously started…

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