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Yasnippets troubles

December 18, 2009

I have been messing with some old Python files that I wrote ages ago (a couple of which were mentioned in a post a couple of days ago about ray tracing) – of course I was using Emacs.  I’ve been getting this error since I configured Emacs for Python using the .emacs file in my home directory.  Every time I open Emacs, I get a buffer telling me that it can’t load the  Yasnippets_bundle.el file.  I have no idea why.  I went back to this website and tried to figure out where I’d gone wrong, but I think I’m going to have to just scrap my .emacs file (but save it, of course!) and start from scratch.  There’s a whole slew of code in my .emacs file that I copied from someone else on the web.  I certainly don’t understand it all, so it’s really no wonder that I can’t figure out why it’s not working!

Some websites that might help me out:

Emacs Python Wiki

EnigmaCurry Blog Post

I guess I’m overlapping somewhat with an earlier post, but I figured it can’t hurt to have things listed twice…Anyway, I hadn’t listed the Emacs Python Wiki before, and I think it looks helpful.

Note:  I had also forgotten to type  Alt+x eval-buffer - I guess this must mean evaluating the buffer, but I don’t know why I need to run this.  I should probably figure that out.  I did try typing it as the Yasnippets instructions indicate, but it didn’t make the error message go away.

Good news:  trying to solve the Yasnippets problem I had a chance to practice some Emacs and Bash commands – searching, moving around in a file, switching between buffers, etc…

Bad news:  there is a Yasnippets problem.

Conclusion:  Fixing my Emacs/Python issues is on my list.

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