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Checking out Moblin

December 8, 2009
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I can’t resist.  I am letting myself get completely sidetracked because I’m curious about a new operating system.  I will try to restrain myself and only run it from a USB stick.  I will resist the urge to (once again) completely wipe my hard drive with the belief that I will find the perfect OS.  I’m actually very happy with Ubuntu 9.10, and have no desire to switch.  Especially after I went through all the trouble of customizing Emacs for Python and downloading all the bits and pieces I think I’m going to need.

I’m going for it – creating bootable USB…

Based on the comments on the Moblin website, I have a feeling my wireless connectivity will be a problem.  Again.  It’s this weird wireless driver in the Eee 1000HE.  Problematic!

Hey hey – it’s a few minutes later.  Moblin is cute.  I think that I’d like it if I had a ‘normal’ desktop computer, and could just use the little netbook for playing around.  It’s certainly unique.  It seems like things are pretty intuitive.  But it seems more like a fun toy than a functional OS.  But I haven’t given up yet – if I can get Skype and flash plugins on there pretty easily, that will be a good sign.  One bad point – I dropped wireless once during he 20 minutes or so that I was running it.  Not a good sign.

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